Cornerstones Code

The behaviour policy at Crookhorn is based on the Cornerstones Code.  This code reflects the four cornerstones and is designed entirely to create a supportive, co-operative environment that encourages behaviour for learning.

 * I will RESPECT that at Crookhorn learning in the classroom is the priority.
 * I will be RESPECTFUL, polite and considerate at all times and follow the teachers directions in a positive manner.
 * I will show RESPECT for the College by wearing the College uniform in the correct way.
 * I will RESPECT other peoples property and listen and value their opinions.
 * I will RESPECT the College and class environment by eating only at lunch and breaktime and putting my rubbish in the bin.
 * I will take RESPONSIBILITY for my own learning.
 * I will take RESPONSIBILITY for the care of my environment, buildings, College grounds and community.
 * I will take RESPONSIBILITY for my actions and consider how they may affect the learning, health and safety of others.
 * I will take RESPONSIBILITY for how I move around the College.
 * I will act RESPONSIBLY by leaving valuables at home.
 * I will show COMMITMENT to my learning environment by keeping noise and disruption to a level that does not disturb the learning of others.
 * I will show COMMITMENT to my education by arriving on time to registration and lessons.
 * I will show COMMITMENT to my house team by supporting, through my participation, College and community events
 * I will ACHIEVE my potential by always bring the correct equipment to each lesson
 * I will ACHIEVE my potential by making sure my behaviour enables me to focus on my personal achievement targets
 * I will work hard to ACHIEVE my potential in class work and homework
Visiting the College  

Visiting the College

We welcome parents considering enrolling their child to visit the College at any time to suit you. If you would like a College tour, or just require further information, please call 02392 251120 or email your request to, We are currently offering tours to parents of Year 6 pupils. Please contact the College to arrange your personal tour.

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