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Summer 2015- 100% made 3 levels of progress, 83% made outstanding progress of 4 levels of progress in either English or Maths. 83% of these students also passed the E-BACC standard, the government standard of high academic achievement.

Welcome to the Crookhorn More and Most Able Web page. The content of this page will hopefully give you a better understanding regarding how we view the education of our very brightest students and the opportunities we afford then during their 5 years with us.
At Crookhorn we attempt to make provision for the more and most able children part of the day-to-day educational offer. The ‘core’ provision within lessons is then supplemented by access to enhanced opportunities offered both within and beyond the College. These enhanced opportunities also become increasingly sophisticated with age.
The learning progress and needs of individuals is carefully tracked so that appropriate personalised pathways can be created.
The college keeps a register of students who are deemed to be the more and most able. In the past this has been the students who have been identified by the county as “Gifted and Talented”. At Crookhorn we now decide that a more students should be identified for “Stretch and Challenge” so we populate our new cohort lists with the students identified to be within the 10% of students academically on entry to the college in year 7.
Parents are seen as co-educators with a key role to play in supporting learning. This is why we run a Family Learning Evening each year. This is an occasion when the identified students from a particular year group or groups are invited in to college along with their parents. During the evening members of staff from a selection of our faculties put parents ‘back in the classroom’.
The evening is structured in such a way that the parents get a very good idea of what it is like to be taught at Crookhorn ,the parents are given the same work that we would give to our brightest students and then the students themselves help their parents to complete it!
The family learning schedule for this academic year is as follows:

7th of October 2015

We also run activities for the pupils outside of the classroom to encourage their competitive and  teamwork skills, inquisitive questioning and encourage higher level thinking. These activities this academic year have included the scholarship programme in association with Havant College, trips to the Explosion museum and an engineering competition to design and build a helicopter lift, also a trip to the Natural History Museum, London. We also have external visitors come to school, to help advise the pupils on the different types of jobs and careers that are available for the more and most able.
If you have any further questions or queries about the More and Most able provision here at Crookhorn College please contact Candice.Affleck@crookhorn.hants.sch.ukor

Visiting the College  

Visiting the College

We welcome parents considering enrolling their child to visit the college at any time to suit you. If you would like a college tour, or just require further information, please call 02392 251120 or email your request to, We are currently offering tours to parents of Year 6 pupils. Please contact the college to arrange your personal tour.

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