More and Most Able

Students can grow and develop their talent through their 5 years at Crookhorn College where we will encourage all students to achieve their full potential both inside and outside the classroom. Our lessons are appropriately differentiated to stretch and challenge all students and develop greater depth of knowledge in our subjects. However, those who are attaining highly across the curriculum or in specific areas are encouraged to partake in enrichment opportunities throughout the curriculum to challenge their potential further. In addition, where necessary, certain students are offered mentoring in Year 11, to support them to gain the highest grades. Events are also organised for the students to develop their awareness of global issues and develop leadership and team working skills.

Our careers and work experience team are working with local universities such as Portsmouth and Southampton on a new initiative which will promote university life to our students, and we are establishing some STEM activities that will provide aspiration and challenge to the higher attaining students.

All more and most able students are encouraged to complete the ‘challenge’ badge. The tasks below are needed to be completed by the students who will then receive their challenge badge from Mrs Affleck, who runs the more and most-able programme. Mrs Affleck can be contacted through the College telephone number or via email at

1.            CHARITY

                Charity activity - join in to raise money for your House charity. Write an It’s Learning post for your house page with visuals to show what you achieved (HOH)


                Write a report on the history behind where you have been on holiday/ a family daytrip or the history of the local area. What has inspired you- what were the major events of this area? (History staff)

3.            ASPIRE

                Attend a school visit to a university. Complete a “day in the life of a university student” task. This will be uploaded to the It’s learning M+MA page. (Mrs Duncan)

4.            LEAD

                Show evidence of leadership in a task- Make a video of yourself in action and witness statements of the impact of your sessions (Mr King)


                Produce a cinema review - can be written or recorded as a podcast. (Mrs Nailor)

6.            ENGAGE

                In the Creative arts departments or PE department- Work either on stage or backstage on a Crookhorn production with the creative arts team or represent the college in a sporting fixture and write a match report that is published or review of the show (PE/CA departments)

7.            NEED TO READ

                Write a book review from our list of recommended books- these are to be decided by the Librarian. Book review shown in library (Mrs Wood)


                Take a photo of a piece of your work at is displayed somewhere around the college. Show the picture to Mr Collins or Mrs Simon.

9.            EXTRA CURRICULAR

                Attend the M+MA Trip (University, Theatre trips or Havant College scholarship programme). Write an article for the Link or Facebook. (Mrs Affleck)

10.          STRETCH

                Ask an English or mathematics teacher for a challenge task to complete. Get it marked, respond to the feedback and bring evidence. (ENG/MATHS)
Visiting the College  

Visiting the College

We welcome parents considering enrolling their child to visit the College at any time to suit you. If you would like a College tour, or just require further information, please call 02392 251120 or email your request to, We are currently offering tours to parents of Year 6 pupils. Please contact the College to arrange your personal tour.

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