The learning support department at Crookhorn believes passionately that all students are equal and deserve the opportunity to learn and succeed. Our guiding principle is one of inclusion and we are driven by the desire to break down any barriers to learning and facilitate progress across all subject areas. The Learning support department at Crookhorn College is privileged to have an effective and experienced SENCO and a large team of experienced, enthusiastic and engaging Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) who are trained not only to provide in class support but to also deliver interventions which are tailored to the specific needs of each child.

At Crookhorn we believe:

· All the students in our school deserve to be treated equally.

· All students deserve equal access to a broad, balanced curriculum which is differentiated to meet individual needs and abilities.

· The aims of education for students with difficulties and disabilities are the same as those for all students.

· It is the responsibility of all teachers to identify and meet the SEN of pupils. In this they can draw on the resources of the whole school.

· Every student is entitled to have his or her particular needs recognised and addressed.

· All students are entitled to experience success.

· Consideration of SEN crosses all curriculum areas and all aspects of teaching and learning.

· The views of the student and parents are important and we take them into account when making decisions about support.

What do the students say?

"Learning Support is nice and helpful. I like the educational games. The Learning Support Assistants help me with my reading and writing."
(Year 8 Student)

“The nurture group is fun we wish it could last all day.”
(Year 7 student)

“There is someone to turn to when I need help. They are not there to blame you but there to care for you.”

“I think that Learning Support respects me and they are trying to help me get my GCSEs. There is always an LSA to help me with my learning and help me feel happy”
(Year 10 student)
Below is a link to a document that provides information about Learning Support.

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* Learning together evenings
* Interventions
* Parental communication
* Transition


Visiting the College  

Visiting the College

We welcome parents considering enrolling their child to visit the College at any time to suit you. If you would like a College tour, or just require further information, please call 02392 251120 or email your request to admin@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk, We are currently offering tours to parents of Year 6 pupils. Please contact the College to arrange your personal tour.

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