Who's who

Senior Leadership Team

The College is lead by a Senior Leadership Team who all have their own specialist roles within the College; they are also attached to a Year group and a House.
Headteacher - Mrs Sarah Bennett
If you wish to contact the Headteacher please do so via Rachel Murray, PA to the Headteacher:
Deputy Headteacher - Mr James Collins

Assistant Headteacher - Mr Christopher Potts
Email Address: Chris.Potts@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Assistant Headteacher - Mr Christopher King
Bursar - Mrs Lorraine Tuff
Email Address: Lorraine.Tuff@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Heads of Faculty
The Curriculum is divided into different Faculty Areas, there are often different related subjects within a Faculty, for example Humanities includes History, Geography, Religious Studies and Sociology.
Each subject area also has a specialist subject consultant to lead it
Creative and Performing Arts - Mr A. Brunink
Email Address: Adam.Brunink@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk
Humanities - Mr R. Hunt 
Email Address: Richard.Hunt@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Modern Foreign Languages - Ms D. Clarke
Email Address: Debbie.Clarke@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Science - Mrs E. Rex
Email Address: Emma.Rex@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Technology - Mr S. Edington
Email Address: Steve.Edington@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

English - Mr T. Bezant
Email Address: Tim.Bezant@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Mathematics - Mr S. O'Sullivan
Email Address: Sean.OSullivan@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Physical Education - Mr C. Watson
Email Address: Chris.Watson@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Learning Support - Mrs N. Smith & Mrs N. Hope
Email Address: Nicola.Smith@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk
Email Address: Natalie.Hope@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Careers & Vocational Education - Mrs S. Duncan
Email Address: Sally.Duncan@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Student Welfare & Development - Mrs T. McCaw
Email Address: Tracey.McCaw@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Heads of House
Arundel House - Mr S. Smith
Email Address: Steve.Smith@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Goodwood House - Mr D. Lemon
Email Address: Dave.Lemon@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Petworth House - Mr G. Holman
Email Address: Gary.Holman@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk

Romsey House - Mr M. Carver
We have a fully qualified Matron on site; Apart from her obvious medical role she also plays an important pastoral support role; many students feel able to talk to Matron about concerns that they have both inside and outside of college.
If your child requires any form of medication they are not allowed to keep it with them during the day. Students should bring the medication, clearly labelled straight to Matron at the beginning of the day.
More and more students are suffering from asthma; if your child does your child should keep an inhaler with Matron.
If you have any questions about any aspect of medical care at the College please contact Matron.

Site Team

The Site Manager is Mrs W Appleton; if you have any questions about any aspect of the College site please contact her on 023 92 251120

Visiting the College  

Visiting the College

We welcome parents considering enrolling their child to visit the college at any time to suit you. If you would like a college tour, or just require further information, please call 02392 251120 or email your request to admin@crookhorn.hants.sch.uk, We are currently offering tours to parents of Year 6 pupils. Please contact the college to arrange your personal tour.

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